Friday, April 1, 2011

Last Photos For March-2011-Pileated Woodpecker

I was so thrilled to see this Pileated Woodpecker on the tree that is closest to me. He didn't fly off like he usually does so I got time to grab my camera and take a few photos as he climbed up the tree. Sure am glad I looked out when I did.

I'm still keeping a watch on this squirrel. She comes down every day to eat. She still doesn't look like she's feeding any babies like the other mother squirrels do.

This is her climbing back up another tree to get to hers.

And a chipmunk just sitting there very still for a while.


Ratty said...

I really love woodpeckers. I'd also love to get a look at a pileated too. I just found a red-bellied woodpecker that has been sneaking around. It seems to be the season for woodpeckers.

ShySongbird said...

I love your woodpecker Ginny, well done for getting the photos! I tried to get some photos of a Green Woodpecker recently but it was at the end of a walk when it was late, it had been raining and the light was bad and of course I couldn't get close. I took lots and lots of photos all of which are pretty awful!

Love that little Chipmunk :)

Out on the prairie said...

The woodpeckers always go behind the tree when you want to get a gfew shots off. This is a favorite, you shot some great photos.