Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011-Squirrels-Skunks-Guy In Woods

This is the next door neighbor. He was up in the woods on his four wheeler today. He was picking up logs. I think he's making a clear path so he can ride through there. He sure scared the critters. They aren't used to anyone in those woods. Just hope he don't disturb the fox dens.

This squirrel seemed to be playing as he was eating the buds off that bush. And the other one was on my window begging for more food.

The mother squirrel hanging around her nest today. No signs of any little ones yet.

We had a short rain shower late this afternoon. Heard a little thunder off in the distance. I was hoping for a good downpour but it didn't happen. It was more to the north of us. These are some clouds after the rain. Then it got real windy after dark. Hope all the nests stay together.

This skunk was begging for some nuts tonight. She was right up on the building. Tried to get a picture of her like that but every time it flashed she had already got down. Then another one came along. Didn't want them arguing so I threw some nuts way up at the top of the wall for that one and he went up there. I've been hearing skunks arguing almost every night lately and smelling them. If the males bother the females they will spray at them.

I wouldn't give this one any more and she squealed at me..Ha! Ha! I was talking to her. She's close enough that I could reach right down and touch her but of course I wouldn't ever touch a wild animal. Who knows what they might be carrying as far as diseases etc. But skunks are cute.


Ratty said...

It's funny how the skunk squealed for more food. I'd never believe this behavior from anyone else. I'd love to see a skunk or two around here, but all I get is the constant smell.

Out on the prairie said...

Can't say I would want to get too close to the striped fellows.Great shots.

rainfield61 said...

I thought a squirrel was riding a four-wheeler initially.