Friday, April 29, 2011

Critters on April 28, 2011-Fox-Chipmunk-Sparrow-Baby Squirrel

One of the many White Throat Sparrows around here.

Views of the Squirrel's nest where three babies are. It was way too windy so I didn't see them playing at all.

A peek at some blue through all the clouds. Maybe finally it will clear up.

This is the first baby squirrel to venture down. He did come into my area for a minute but quickly ran back to the trees. Here he is on the tree trunk eating a piece of apple. he is one of many that are living up in back.

A dirty little chipmunk. he's been climbing through the rocks and has some dirt on him. But they are very clean animals so that dirt won't be there long.

One of the female foxes. She always comes down closer to the building. The other two don't. In the one photo she's looking for me at another window.

She's getting ready to go home and has a treat in her mouth to take back to the nest.


Out on the prairie said...

I saw my first white-throated on Sunday.

Country Mouse Studio said...

Love your profile fox, it's beautiful. Great sparrow, I haven't seen one

Emma Springfield said...

Foxes are such delicate looking creatures. You have a magnificent variety of poses.

Ratty said...

I love the pictures of the sparrow. It's only just recently that I began to realize how colorful they can be.

Samuel said...

I like the chipmunk and sparrow.

Interesting Foto said...

nice photos collection