Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mother Squirrel Carrying A Baby To New Nest-Video

On the right is before she started going up to the old nest to carry her babies down. On the left is when she went in to get the first one.

These pictures aren't good because I snipped them off the video. They are small size. But I wanted to have a few still shots of her carrying the babies.

More of her carrying a baby. These were snipped from the video also. I was so busy taking video that I didn't get any still shots. I didn't want to miss the event.

And here she is looking in the old nest for the last time and coming down and then resting before going back to the new nest. She was so tired. That is hard work carrying those babies. She sure is a good mommy!!

I've been watching the squirrel's nest for quite some time now. I was worried because I hadn't seen the mother too much for the past two days. Last evening I was watching her eat some nuts down below my window and then a short time later I saw her heading over to the tree. I was quite surprised to see her go into her nest and carry out one of her babies. It was so exciting to see this happening. I've never witnessed anything like that before. I watched and kept taking video of her as she climbed down the old tree and then went up a new tree to a new nest. She did this three times. Each time with a baby. The fourth time she went up she came out empty. I'm presuming she was checking the nest to make sure she got them all. I have no idea if she had already moved some but at least now I know that she has at least three in that new nest. They had fur on them so I'm guessing they were a few weeks old. What a job for that mother. I could tell she was tired. She stopped to rest after checking the nest for the last time.
The only problem I will have is being able to see them. They are further away now and when the leaves come on the trees I won't be able to watch. But it won't be long and they will be coming here to eat with their mom. Then she will shoo them away to be on their own.
I can see a big tree out back in the woods and there are lots of squirrels running up and down. I'm thinking they are young ones also. Just a bit older now and being taught to climb and jump.


ShySongbird said...

Hi Ginny, just caught up with the posts I missed during the week and enjoyed all of them.

What a fascinating thing you witnessed! Do you think she made a new nest because the other one wasn't very safe where it was? She certainly is a very diligent Mum.

Happy Easter to you...Hugs :)

rainfield61 said...

You have had a new experience.

Ratty said...

I can guess the feeling of excitement you must have had when seeing this happen. I was excited just reading about it. I'm glad you were able to share it with all of us.

Out on the prairie said...

Very nice video, a charmer.

Country Mouse Studio said...

Awesome video :O)