Friday, April 15, 2011

April 15, 2011-Early Morning-Cardinal-Squirrel's Nest

I took these pictures of the moon after midnight last night. It's almost full. Quite an odd shape right now..

A Black Crow, the squirrel's nest as the sun first hits it in the early morning. and the squirrel that lives in it coming down the branches.

Early morning frost and the sun coming up through the woods. I couldn't see it yet. It has to make it's way to my side. A squirrel sits there on the rock wall and you can barely see the little chipmunk on the wall in the bottom right pic. But he's there.

A chipmunk cleaning himself and a Mourning Dove.

A pretty male cardinal.

It got cloudy by sunset time after a beautiful, sunny day. The fox didn't come out till almost dark so I didn't take any pictures tonight.


Out on the prairie said...

The chipmunk gave me a smile

ShySongbird said...

Nice pics of the Moon Ginny, it looks like someone sat on it and squashed it out of shape ;)

I do like your Mourning Dove, it is a bit like our Collared Dove. I'm still loving the Chipmunk.

Don't forget, if you get a moment, to pop over and take a quick look at the (rather distant) Stoat! I will be interested to know if you have a creature at all like it there.

Have a great wildlife weekend Ginny...HUGS!

Country Mouse Studio said...

you always take such great photos.