Thursday, April 28, 2011

Critter Photos From Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Squirrel's nest where the babies are. And the mom sitting on a branch, eating, before she headed to the nest for the night. The babies were climbing more today. Just over their nest though. The mom was away for quite a while. She didn't get back into the nest till almost dark. I got her on video. And more of the babies also. I'll have those on Youtube.


BlueJay Up In Tree. Notice how the leaves have finally sprouted from their buds.

A little Chipmunk hiding under the wire and watching till danger passes. I think a hawk was flying around at this time.

You can tell this squirrel is hot. It got up to 81 degrees here. They flatten themselves out on the ground like that to get cool.

A young Squirrel eating buds up in the tree.

Another young squirrel enjoying the new leaves or buds. These young ones have not ventured down into my area yet. They stay in the trees till they are ready to go on their own.

The mommy and daddy gray Fox came together last night. They move around so fast that I can never get a good shot of them side by side.

This is the daddy. He's my friendliest fox and has been coming for a few years now. He will sit out there like a dog waiting for me to come to the window and throw some nuts out for him.

This is the mommy.

Here they are going back into the woods.
We've been having wicked thunderstorms for the past two days. Lots of flooding in some local areas. Nothing like down south though. I feel so bad for those people. And so many have died in those storms.


ShySongbird said...

Hi Ginny, I've just enjoyed your previous couple of posts and of course this one. Beautiful photos throughout! Even after all this time I still marvel at the varied wildlife you see from your home. People travel miles to see the creatures you see regularly!

Love the Blue Jays and the little Chipmunk but then I love the Cheeky Squirrels and the handsome Foxes too. Great stuff Ginny!

Sorry so many people over there are having such bad weather, I hope it doesn't get any worse where you are...stay safe...hugs!

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Ginny - you take great photo's! I wonder just how many photo's you take during the day .. I know with the westies I take a ton just to get one or two good ones - it's a labor of love ... isn't nature's way wonderful.

Take good care - Katie

Out on the prairie said...

Your fox shots are the charmers.