Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 29th, 2011-Young Squirrels-Turkey Hawk

My first brave little squirrel to venture out on his own. He's very independent now.

He was on the tree like that for quite a while in the top photos. He was scared of something. Then he was eating a nut in the bottom ones.

A few Turkey Hawks were circling around. They land up in the old corn field up on the hill behind us.

The little squirrel climbing along the branches and eating along the way. He's doing good!

My mother squirrel that moved her babies into a new nest has now abandoned the second nest and moved to a third. I caught her as she was bringing down the last one yesterday. Now she is out of my view so I won't be able to watch their progress. I was kind of sad about that. It was fun watching them. Maybe it's for the best. If I don't see them I won't know if they fell out of a tree or got killed. I worry enough as it is about the critters.
Today I did not like what I saw at all. Three large trees came down back in the woods today. I know some critters must have died. The poor birds were having a fit and the squirrels were crying. The little squirrel in these photos is okay though. He lives in a bigger tree closer to me. I just hope they don't cut that one down. I think someone is building a home up there. On the other side of the hill where I can't see. But they have been clearing trees up in there for a couple years now. I'll take a drive up that road again one of these days to see what is going on.
The one big tree fell right across the area where the foxes go and I'm hoping the den wasn't anywhere near that spot. I did see the mother putting food in that area one time but they will put food all over the place and get it later. I saw one female and the daddy fox tonight but did not see the daddy's mate. I have to wait another month to see the little ones. I can't wait.


Emma Springfield said...

How sad. I wish progress for humans did not have to come at the expense of the rest of the animal kingdom. Little foxes will be a happy sight indeed.

Out on the prairie said...

The change can affect many.