Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 28th-29th-2011-Woody-Granny-Legless Squirrel-Flickers

The Woodchuck. She's making her daily appearrance now.

This was Granny Fox as she was waiting for me to open my window the other morning.

Saw this squirrel with one of her front arms missing. Have never seen that before. Have seen injuries but never one completely off. I feel bad for her. It's going to be very difficult climbing and jumping. Can't imagine how that happened unless she came across a rat trap.

Young Northern Flickers on the tree. There were three but I didn't catch that one.


The Retired One said...

Some of my favorites!! Flickers, woodchucks and foxes, OH my! I love your deer header too.

Out on the prairie said...

A good assortment, I like the Flickers, they are hard to get close to.

rainfield61 said...

The red colour on the head of the flicker is attractive.

Ratty said...

I love the way Granny fox is looking up at you. You have become one of the best friends to these animals.