Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fox-Cardinal Collages From June 20, 2011

Daddy Fox is tired from watching his kids. He'd rather be in his den sleeping during the day. I have not seen the pups again but I know they are running around in the woods.

Look at that yawn. Poor daddy..Ha! Ha!

The mom

Male Cardinal

A few of the different foxes. Mom top left. One of the other foxes. That one was born in 2009 on top right. Granny sitting outside my window and the mom heading back to the woods as the sun is setting.


Out on the prairie said...

They seem so tame almost.

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Beautiful fox! I love them and we have a few around here - don't they shed their coats in the summer months?

Ginnymo said...

I'm not sure Katie. Never saw them shedding. I always feel sorry for them in the summer heat. I do keep water out there but I've never seen them drink any. They must have a running water source back in the woods somewhere.
They might seem tame Prairie but they know how to keep their distance. And boy can they run fast! I wouldn't want to try and tame them. They are wild and free like they should be.