Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chickadee-Juv Starling-Granny Fox-My Fav Male Fox-June 21st-22nd-2011

A Black Capped Chickadee

Granny under my window in the morning. Sometimes she's just sitting there like my pet, waiting for me to get up in the morning. Ha! Ha!

This poor little Starling was sitting there in the rain. Not another bird was around. I was thinking it might not be well and would probably die right in front of me. But along came a fox and settled that. At least it didn't suffer long. Last year I watch as one died slowly all day. I did not like seeing that. I had just turned the camera off when the fox came or I would have gotten that photo also. Good or bad, that's nature.

Granny Fox eating a treat and relaxing.

Here he is. Waiting for me again... I love their gentle faces.


rainfield61 said...

It is good to have somebody waiting for you.

It's a family....

Ratty said...

The fox was probably a mercy for that bird.