Friday, June 17, 2011

Robin-Crows-Foxes-Lazy Squirrel-June 16, 2011

The crow pair eating some of the nuts I threw out for the squirrels.

This squirrel was enjoying the day till he heard something in the woods.

I think this is a female Robin or is it a young one?

This sparrow, not sure what kind, was over on the ground with her young ones. I'm wondering if they have their nests that close to the ground? I saw a fox eating something in that area about an hour before I took these photos. It was probably one of the babies. That's one of the young ones on top of the rock wall afterward.

The younger female fox. She's peeking over the wall at me, waiting for me to throw her some nuts.


Out on the prairie said...

You have made some good friends.

ShySongbird said...

Love all the recent Fox photos Ginny and the new header is stunning!

I also love learning about all the different birds over there and have been trying to identify your little Sparrows. Could they be some sort of Song Sparrow? I thought I had got there with Song Sparrow but then found there are several different types ;) Of course they may be something different entirely!

Have a good weekend... Hugs!

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Great photo's - what an eye you have! Wishing you a great weekend ... all the best, katie

rainfield61 said...

She is looking at me as well.

But I do not have anything for him.

The Retired One said...

I still love those fox photos! Great seeing them as ever, Ginny!

Pat Tillett said...

So much going on! I LOVE your header photo.