Friday, June 24, 2011

June 24, 2011-Fox Pups-Chipmunks-Woodpecker

I was happy to see the pups out this morning with their dad. I only got this long distant shot of one of the pups up the tree. I have to keep a watch early in the morning so I can catch them practicing their climbing. It was so much fun watching the pups last year do that. If I don't catch them doing that I may never see it again. Last year I caught them only twice climbing the trees.

I managed to get a few photos before the Dad made them go back in the woods. I love how they interact with their parents. They will run all over the place and then come back and give him a kiss or nose nudge and off they go again. it won't be long and the parents will not be able to control them. The parents get so tired during this time. The pups want to play all day. And daddy goes out hunting at night for them. So he doesn't get much sleep.

The chipmunks are keeping an eye on the foxes and one is up the tree.

This is Daddy. I hadn't thrown any nuts up over that rock wall yet so he was coming down closer to see if anything was there, since Grandma was eating her treat. She tolerates this one pretty good but you can see how she has her ears back to warn him. He might even be her kid. Not sure. But as adults they have to keep their distance and they all have their own territory but will sometimes pass each other while looking for food. One of the adults chases Granny away sometimes. It might be the mom to the pups. It happens so fast I can never tell. Granny has been giving the people in the building a thrill lately when she runs to the front and through the parking lot and up the other side of the building to get home. She only goes that way when the other one is around or chases her.

More of Granny and Daddy fox. See her ears??

Spotted this Red Bellied woodpecker on the tree today. I never see these much.

We had a rain storm around six o'clock in the evening. It really came down hard. There were flash flood warnings up till 11 PM.


rainfield61 said...

I wonder how they keep themselves away from the rain storm.

They are strong.

ShySongbird said...

Just been doing a catch up Ginny. There is always so much happening there!! I saw what you meant about the Fox's ears being down, I think you are becoming an expert on animal behaviour, after all you even recognise individual Foxes!

Such fun to see the Skunk family :)

Lovely to see all your birdies of course. The juvenile Blue Jay is sooo sweet!

It seems so odd to see a Fox climbing a tree.