Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 18, 2011-The Fox Pups Are Out!

This is the mom watching over her pups. They were off running into the bushes and back out.

There were two pups out there with this mom at 8 am this morning. They hung around for about an hour and then they went back into the woods. The mom was back later in the day but the pups weren't allowed to come with her I guess. They'll be out a lot now and will get braver and braver and eventually come right down under my window like the mom does. I think the mom was proud to show them off to me this morning.

I couldn't get the mom and the two pups in the same photo but do have them on video. I'll put a short video clip on soon. Here she is licking one of the pups and then over on the back lawn by the woods with them.

Here she is trying to get them back into the woods.

This pup seems to hang with her more than the other. She's very attentive to them.

This pup was out a bit later so am thinking it might belong to the other pair. It seemed a bit smaller than the other two and a different mom was out at this time.

Here's the mom. And some not too good pics of the pups with her.


Out on the prairie said...

Lovely, I would like to hear their chatter.

Ginnymo said...

They very seldom make any noise except for a bark when one is calling another. Or when one is angry with another. Otherwise they seem to be very quiet animals. When the young ones are rough playing they might make some noise.

Shelley said...

Such a wonderful circle of life that you get to witness Ginny! That photo of the mom licking her pup is so precious!!