Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 9th Scenery And Critters-Sparrow Hawk-2011

I had to go out so after I was done shopping I came home over Putts Hill just to see the scenery like I always do. I took my camera with me. It's all farm country here. I love it! Loads of Dandelions out now. They look pretty across the field. I like that old truck too. But I should have gotten a closer shot of that. I think that is a piece of machinery for the huge fields they plant up there. Maybe a tiller??

There's a little horse farm up there that raise Quarter Horses. I saw these two and had to back the car up and angle it so I could see them. They had been running in there before I stopped. Horses are so pretty.

I'm not sure if this is a radio tower but thought it was.

And two old lazy cows just enjoying the sun out there. When the one laid her head back down she almost looked dead. But she wasn't. And that old barn sits up there also. The cows don't belong to this one. I don't think this barn is in use any more.

The I came home. I stopped to take a picture of the neighbor's little blue flowers and the back woods where the foxes live and who knows what else...

Back to my window again. Saw this European Starling and a Male Cardinal.

One of the little squirrels enjoying a nut.

And my favorite catch of the day! This little Sparrow Hawk.

That little squirrel was scared to death of that hawk and stayed in that one spot for quite a while as he held some kind of a worm or bug in his mouth.

And the moon at different times of the day.


Out on the prairie said...

you are i a ag area as I am, but we do more corn and soybeans.

Frank said...

Glorious views of the countryside Ginny ... makes me feel very much at home, including the horses.
More white cloud over here but still very blue and thankfully not as warm as you ..lol.
Starling and Cardinal .. now that's an interesting association. I think I'd sit still if a hawk was eyeing me up. Take care. FAB.

Emma Springfield said...

It is so nice to have green trees and movement of the animals again. I have to tell you that each time I come to your site and begin to scroll down, the little ermine peeking around the corner at me makes me smile.

The Retired One said...

wonderful shots,Ginny!