Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 16th Photos-Unknown Birds-Help

I have these distant photos of a blue colored bird and this other one that is sort of gray with mottled belly and a stripe on it's head. I'm not sure what they are. The blue one looks like a Mountain Bluebird but they don't come this far east. I thought maybe an Indigo Bunting but the beak is too small. Any ideas?? They all hang out at the top of the apple tree.


ShySongbird said...

Hi Ginny, my immediate thought was that the blue one is an Indigo Bunting but then saw what you said. However, I have looked it up and I do still think it could be, the beak looks right to me!

Sorry, I have tried but had no luck with the other one. Some sort of thrush or pipit perhaps?

rainfield61 said...

I have no idea.

Blue is beautiful.

Kelly said...

Hi Ginny! I think you have a female Red-winged Blackbird in the first set, and an Indigo Bunting in the second! Love that blue color!