Wednesday, May 4, 2011

From May 3, 2011-The Baby Squirrels With Mom Videos

The mother squirrel was repairing the first nest yesterday and the babies are back there now, although I did not see her move them. But they are big enough now to be climbing all over the trees with their mom. These videos show them climbing up and down that big tree. They seem to be doing real well. I thought there were four babies but I'm not quite sure. I know there are three for sure. I watched them today, the 4th, also. Will have those pics up tomorrow and another video to show you. I am putting two here. One from the first time I saw them back in the nest and then later in the day when they were climbing all over the tree. Enjoy!


The Retired One said...

Soooo cute!!

Out on the prairie said...

The videos didn't open

Ginnymo said...

Sorry Steve. It has to be on your end. They work fine here. Or maybe Youtube was under some repair at that moment.