Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 13, 2011-Orioles-Pileated Woodpecker-Chippy-Foxes

I was so excited to see some Baltimore Orioles in an apple tree back in the woods! I zoomed in as close as I could and got these photos. I've only spotted one of those birds a couple times in all the years I've lived her. And they were always too far away to get any clear pics.

I can't resist taking pictures of these little guys all the time. They are just so cute.

And I caught this big guy again. He wasn't there very long so was happy to get these few photos. The Flickers landed right in front of me a few times but before I could get the camera up they were gone in a flash so am still waiting to catch them. I love watching them also.

The sun going down and the moon in the eastern sky at the same time. I took these from in front of the building. I had gone out there to walk to the front of the driveway and then over the grass to look up the side towards my end. Used my walker of course. I can't go too far on grass though.

A few of the adult foxes were out late in the evening, just before dark. They didn't come out earlier because the men were up there in the back woods with their heavy equipment, moving the dirt. They are getting ready to build a home up there. Guess it will be a noisy summer. Might keep the foxes away too. That will make me sad if I can't see the pups. Just hope those men aren't fox killers.

One of the foxes came down close and so did a skunk.

These are a few of the adults that were out there. There were two skunks also. You can see the one with it's tail up. just a warning. I've never seen them spray a fox yet. But when the pups come out sometimes they get running too close and they might get sprayed. Never saw them get it though, thank heavens.


rainfield61 said...

Google stopped the blogosphere from spinning for one or two days.

It is good to be back and to see your zoo again.

Rezervesana said...

Thanks for the beautiful photos !!!