Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 6th Photos-2011-Young Squirrels-Skunks-Fox-Weasel

This chipmunk ran up the tree to get away from the short tailed weasel (ermine) that was out there. These weasels will kill all the chipmunks if they don't get killed themselves first by the foxes or hawks.

Here he is watching down below. He's very scared. I heard one chipmunk crying. The weasel might have gotten one.

And here's the little culprit himself. This is the first weasel I've seen since last year when I saw one a couple times and never again. Now I will be worrying about the chipmunks.. It sure is a tough world out there. He is a cutie though..Ha!

And here's my oldest female fox that comes down every afternoon. I can open my window and she stays right there. She's not afraid of me at all because she knows me . But she would rather have me throw the nuts over the top of that rock wall so she's on higher ground. I do.

She's always watching the birds when they are on top of the wall. The Bluejays seem to taunt her a lot. They know she can't catch them I guess.

One of the young squirrels that are around now. I've seen about three different faces. But I do worry. The weasel will get them also. I saw a hawk come down on the ground yesterday, back in the woods, and then he flew off carrying a squirrel.

This is the skunk that sprays a lot. He has been doing that since he was a baby. He seems to just spray for no reason sometimes. So I call him Stinky. But he is pretty.


rainfield61 said...

I like the writing in the header.

Samuel said...

Nice collages!

Out on the prairie said...

Your weasel is great. That mother fox looks like a pet almost watching those birds.