Thursday, May 12, 2011

May 11, 2011-Woodchuck-Lilac Bush-Grackle-Sundown

A cute little chipmunk peeking up out of the rocks.

The first woodchuck to come near this spring. He's a young one. Hope to see him again. He ran before I could get better photos. And look at this mother squirrel. The poor thing. Bet she will be glad when her young ones stop nursing.

The Lilacs are starting to bloom. Thank heavens I get to see some flowers from my window. Ha!
Wish they'd last longer though. They smell so nice.

A Grackle sneaking over to get some nuts.

The sky after sundown last night. After clear blue skies all day it looked weird when these clouds appeared like that. I took these from Walmart parking lot last evening around 8 pm. The bottom collage was taken from the top of my favorite hill, on my way home.

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Out on the prairie said...

aperfect sunset , amazing shot.I wish you had a way to place the jelly, I go through lots. A few other birds give it a try, but the orioles push them away. I saw my 1st monarch today, along with an American Redstart.