Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 19h-20th-Foxes-Birds-Squirrels

This crazy squirrel was burying a rock on the back hill. I never could figure out why they take the stones here and bury them. Guess they think it's a nut.

The Starling has lost it's spots on it's belly area. The spots are there when they are in non-breeding season they say.

A BlueJay sitting on the Lilac Bush

This is the male fox that doesn't come too close. He's a very handsome fella! He sure looks like the small pup that was here two years ago. I had a close up of it's face. He was so cute and that photo is my favorite to this day. I'll have to find it and put it next to this one to see how close they look to each other. Do you all think they look like the same fox?

The female fox

The Lilacs that are blooming here. At least I get to see some flowers from my window for a short time.

That one squirrel was on the watch for something and the old fat mother squirrel was sitting on that branch watching the foxes.


Out on the prairie said...

What a fun set today, I like the shy fox. If you look close each has something different to identify them with.

Frank said...

Hi Ginny. A very lovely series, especially the Foxes. I love the scent from the Lilacs ... just a pity ours has already gone over .. too many days without rain!

Ratty said...

They look to me like they could very well be the same fox. It's fun to see them from young to all grown up.

Ginnymo said...

Yes. All the foxes have slightly different markings but it's still hard at times to tell them apart. I do know my older male and female foxes real well though. Grandma still has the prettiest face of them all. I don't think that pup is the same as the older one since the older one is his daddy I think. But they look alike. I'm still waiting to see the new ones. Usually the first week of June.. but I'm always looking to the corner of the woods where they always seem to come out first. I love watching the babies. Hope I get some more video of them climbing the trees again. Thanks for the comments Prairie, Frank and Ratty!!