Monday, May 9, 2011

May 8, 2011-Grosbeak-Crows Chasing Hawk-Young Squirrels

This is the first Rose Breasted Grosbeak I've seen in a couple years! He was just sitting there on the ground and I'm sure glad my camera was close by so I could get these pics of him. But along came a hawk and swooped down through there. I'm not sure if the little Grosbeak got away or not. I sure hope so because they are rare around here.

A huge hawk flew into that squirrel's nest that the mother squirrel had abandoned. He was looking for something to eat in there. Then he flew off before I could get a picture of him on the nest. You can just see him through the tree leaves where I circled it. Then along came the crows to defend their territory. They sure chased that hawk around for a while. They actually attack these hawks in mid air. The hawk flew off. I don't like seeing them get my squirrels but they do. I saw one the other morning back in the woods. He swooped down and took a squirrel. Sure am glad I didn't see it up close. It was probably a young one.

These are a couple of the young squirrels hanging around here now. I still haven't seen the ones that were in that nest. Not since they followed their mom to another area.


Out on the prairie said...

I enjoy the grosbeaks. They come down to feed but seem to stay up high when roosting.

Samuel said...

Lucky! I have never seen a Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

ShySongbird said...

I love that Rose-breasted Grosbeak! You do have some lovely birds there Ginny, I hope the hawk didn't get it... although I know they have to eat too.

I was sure I had commented on the post with the Weasel, or Stoat as we call them here, but I'm wondering if I forgot to hit the publish button, I have done that before :(

Anyway I really enjoyed the post and your photo of the Weasel is just amazing!!! The Chipmunk looked so sweet too. As for your friend the female Fox, she is beautiful.

I also loved your Common Grackle, I have got to see and recognise so many of the lovely birds over there but I haven't seen that one very often. The Red-winged Blackbird is lovely too!

The Retired One said...

we don't get rose breasted grosbeaks here very often either, but I am always thrilled when one stops by...just like the cardinals. LOL