Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 10, 2011-The Deer Were Here!

I couldn't get a clear photo of this one. She was moving too much and her head would go up and down.. I love her ears..Ha!

They came earlier tonight so I could get a few better photos but I am sure I will get some even better ones soon. They are so beautiful!!

Something spooked them and they ran back up on the hill. Then I saw some more coming from the woods and running to meet the others. There were about seven or eight I think. But all I could see from my window when they were on top of the wall were four.

They are heading back home.


Anonymous said...

Deer? You are so lucky! The only thing that runs through my yard is the neighbors cat.

Out on the prairie said...

Their timetable has changed and now they visit.Very nice catch.

Pat Tillett said...

Hi Ginny! Very nice! We see deer here from time to time, but never in such a setting.

Frank said...

Hi Ginny. What a delight to have these delightful creatures so close to home. Love the inquisitive looks you got.

rainfield61 said...

My dear deer, they are so beautiful.