Monday, February 14, 2011

February 13th Collages-More Deer Pics

Male Cardinal and Black capped Chickadee

The deer that came out last night. They were over closer but ran when the lady upstairs started taking flash pictures of them. She gets right in the window and scares them. She just moved in so doesn't know how to handle them the right way yet. I'll have to teach her..Ha! She moved here from Florida.

After she left the window they came back.

Then they all went back into the woods and I took some photos as they were walking back.

Bye bye you beautiful creatures of the woods. Hope to see you again soon.


Out on the prairie said...

I would love to take you along the lake where my cabin is early in the morning. There is deer usually all over , and real fun to get close to. In November they are in rut so you see more males .When i go look for morel mushrooms they are a good luck charm to see a group of yearlings.I like to walk slow and see how close i can get,trying not to make eye contact is the best.

Natural Moments said...

You too have wondrous Nature not only upon your doorstep, but within your Heart. Beautiful close encounters for all to enjoy.