Friday, February 4, 2011

February 3rd and 4th-2011-9 Below Zero ! Yikes!

It was a beautiful, sunny day on Thursday. It got up to about 25 degrees. I love how more colorful the birds look when the sun is out. Much prettier photos!

I was watching this icicle dripping and caught one of the drips but the icicle itself wasn't as clear in that photo but was in the other but no drip..ha ha ! There's way too many icicles hanging from this roof. I sure hope the roof holds up. There's a lot of snow up there right now.

Early morning on the 4th (Friday). The sun is just starting to peek through the woods and the BlueJays and squirrels are all out there despite the nine degree below zero temps.

This big Crow was sitting high up on that tree branch, watching for any danger that might come around. I like how they warn all the other animals.

This bush was real frosty this morning but the little birdies were still out there in it.

This squirrel was hanging around that nest. Not sure if it belongs to that squirrel or not. He sort of was digging the snow off the top and checking the bottom of it. If it's an abandoned nest he or she might want to use it. Most of the females are carrying babies now and should already have their nests set up.

That squirrel stood there like that for quite a while, watching something.

A BlueJay and a Male Cardinal with some Sparrows in the bush.

This is how the sky looked at the end of today. You might know it cleared up a little just at dark. It was cloudy when I went out in the afternoon.

It's been real cold in the mornings again here. Zero on the 3rd and 9 below this morning on the 4th. But eventually it got up to 25 degrees and I went out to the store. The little birdies looked so cold sitting on the frosted branches this morning. The sun was beautiful for a short while in the morning, then it clouded up for the rest of the day and it started clearing up at sunset. Made the sky look pretty anyway. Not much going on. Haven't seen one fox in a few weeks now and no deer at all. So all I have to watch these days is the birds and squirrels. They are entertaining though.


rainfield61 said...

I would be hooked by the icicle and speed hours to capture the drops in the air.

ShySongbird said...

Hi Ginny, just been catching up again. All your photos are beautiful! I still can't get over the lovely contrast of the Cardinals against the snow and I love the Bluejays also.

We had icicles like that hanging from our roof over Christmas, it had been years since I had seen them like that here.

I had to laugh at the Mourning Dove (I hope I have the ID right) on your Feb 1st post, it looks so surprised to be in all that snow!

Stay warm and safe Ginny...HUGS :)

Out on the prairie said...

that sky was pretty like that here. Right now thw angleof the earthcreates some stunning sunset. When it is below zero you can throw a glass of water up high in the air and see some snow fall back down.We are getting the cold here.

Samuel said...

Great pictures!

Pat Tillett said...

Well, at least you had a beautiful and colorful end to the day!