Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 25th Snowfall Photos-PM-11 Inches Fell

Snowfall during the second half of the day. And how I see it from one of my windows. A lonely dove sits on the snow covered branch.

The squirrel's nest and the tree it's in. Close up and far away. I didn't see the squirrel at all.

Birds in the bush and a squirrel up on the tree on it's way home. Not many squirrels came back down in the afternoon. Just a couple.

This stray Goldfinch came to get some food also. It was all alone.

Lots of Juncos in that bush, along with some Sparrows and a female Cardinal in the snowy bush too.

This squirrel braved the deep snow to come down for one more meal before heading home.

Here he is going back home. Notice in the bottom right photo how he climbs under the branch to stay off the snow.

Here's that bush by the end of the day. There's a little Junco inside of it.

More scenery that I see from my window. That one clump of snow on top of a Pine is way off in the distance.

Towards the end of the day now and starting to lose the daylight.

I used the flash to take these. I like how the cardinals looked in that bush. I had to open the window to take these.

Female Cardinal and a male.

The wind started to pick up just at dusk and a few of the deer walked through that deep snow to come look for something to eat. They didn't get any nuts but they did get their apples. They'd never find the nuts in that deep snow. I throw the food out right under my windows when the snow is deep and the deer don't come down into that area. It's for the birds and squirrels mostly anyway.

After dark view of the snow covered area. Opened the window to take these also with the flash.

The end of the night. I took these from inside without the flash. They aren't as clear but I like the color.
We got a total of eleven inches. It sure was pretty!


rainfield61 said...

I like the pictures taken without the flash. They look natural.

Out on the prairie said...

it was a wetter snow this time. we had 7 inches in 2 storms. hoping not to get freezing rain today.

ShySongbird said...

Oh, my goodness!! What a lot of snow you had! I feel sorry for all the creatures trying to find food in it. It does make for some lovely photos though Ginny :)

I do love the Bluejays and Cardinals on the previous post, they look like they were designed to pose in the snow with their beautiful colours!

Stay warm and safe Ginny...HUGS!

Samuel said...

Nice shots!

Kelly said...

...eleven inches of snow! That's a lot, and's gorgeous. I wish we could land that much at once, but this year it didn't happen. We kept getting lots of 3 or 4 inches at a time, but no really big snowfalls. Love the night photos too...