Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 21st Was A Sad Day For A Cardinal

I lost one of the male cardinals. I heard a very loud noise like something hit the building. I went into the living room to look out the window and there laid a beautiful male cardinal. I could tell it was already dead. Blood was coming from it's mouth. I think the hawk came down and tried to get him and hit the building also but didn't get to carry the cardinal away. Whatever happened it died quick and I am thankful for that. I've never had a cardinal hit the windows before and when a bird does hit it isn't that loud. Not a bird or squirrel was around for quite some time so I'm sure it was the hawk. I felt so bad for his mate. Now she won't have her partner and won't have babies this spring probably. I'm not sure but I thought they mated for life. She will be real sad. The cardinals all came back later and a few of the females. I'm not sure which one belongs to him. One male came down to inspect the situation. He probably went back and informed the rest of the family. They all hung out together in a group. I didn't know if any of the females came down next to him or not because my grandchildren came so I was busy and not looking out the window. I have only five pair of Cardinals here. A few are the younger ones that were born last year. The one that died was an older one. So pretty. I took a picture of him. Later at night I reached out with my grabber and moved him to the alley by my bedroom window where the foxes come. It was frozen solid by that time. This morning it was gone. A little morsel of meat for one of them anyway. That's nature.

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Ratty said...

It's so heartbreaking when something like this happens, but at least it helped another animal feed itself.