Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 11, 2011-More Deer Pics And Some Others

The squirrels sometimes sit up in that little bush to get away from the others when eating a nut and sometimes just to get a little higher off the ground and feel safer.

A squirrels seems to be hiding behind that tree branch up in the tree. And the squirrel's nest still has a little mound of snow on it. Another squirrel makes his way down the rock wall and then hides inside of it. They have one spot that fits them well when there is danger up above. But only one can fit in there at a time. I've seen them fight for it at times.

A BlueJay is looking off behind him. Maybe looking for his mate. A couple Juncos and a squirrel watching somehting while a female cardinal sits in the bush behind him. It was real cold but the sun must have felt real good to them. We started the day off at 13 below. It eventually got up to 21.

Another squirrel sits up in the bush observing.

And here's one of the many deer that were out there. This is a younger one and seems to have quite a gouge out of his nose. He's looking right at me as I take his picture.

Two more of the deer eating some nuts I threw out. That one really has his eye on me..Ha!

Such beautiful creatures!! They are coming earlier each night now. They were out here at 4:30 tonight. Last night it was 5:30.

Keeping a watch on me as she eats. Something spooked them and they ran off into the woods but at least I got to observe them and get more photos. I got a cute video of an older one kicking the younger one in the behind to make him move..Ha! So cute. I have to upload it to Youtube yet.
The sun was so bright for part of the day. It warmed up enough that I decided to get out and do some shopping. But by the time I left the sun had disappeared and never came back. Then it was cloudy for the rest of the evening. Warmer weather this week though! About time!


Out on the prairie said...

There is a bit of difference in the faces of the deer that almost helps identify them when you see them again. I really like to see them almost as much as I do my birds.

Samuel said...

Wow great deer pics!