Monday, October 10, 2011

October 9th Photos-2011-Tiny Squirrel

This is a tiny new squirrel that must have lost it's mom or fell out of a tree too soon. It hangs in that rock wall. I don't think it will be alive for very long. The fox is bound to get him and he won't be able to live through the winter being that young so late in the season.

If I could get hold of him I'd get him to a rehabber to keep till he was old enough to be on his own. But I'd never be able to catch him so nature will take it's course.
The squirrels are supposed to stay with their mom till at least three months old. Then the mom lets them come out of the tree and teaches them how to fend for themselves.
A mother squirrel was near him today but he hid down in the rocks and she ignored him. So it must not have been his mother. I feel so sad for him. Hope he don't suffer. Better if the fox does get him I guess. At least he won't freeze to death.
He looks healthy and was eating nuts but I don't think it is enough for him. He was crying for his mom and it was sad to watch.