Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 3rd And 4th Photos-2011-Foxes-Chipmunks-Squirrels

This pup was under my bedroom window on this morning. He was looking for nuts. I hadn't thrown out enough for all of them I guess.

One of the young squirrels. This one almost got caught by a fox. It ran up around the rock wall and was running tot he tree when the fox chased it. Thankfully this little guy made it up the tree. This time anyway.

One of the chipmunks. They are being careful now because there is a rat in the rock wall.

Rats don't like chipmunks and they will try to kill them if they can catch them. You can see the rat peeking out from inside the wall. Sometimes the chipmunks don't know he's there and come very close to being caught. Maybe some have already. I can't really do much about the rat right now. If I try to poison him I'll be killing the chipmunks also. And they are too smart for live traps. The only thing I can do is wait for winter to come when the chipmunks will be in their dens. By then I might have lots of rats though. I'm hoping it will disappear or the foxes will get it.

Good thing these little guys can hide down inside that grate. The rat could follow them down there but I think the chipmunks are faster and will run through the pipe and come out the other end. I would like it if thatr at did go out the other end. He might go somewhere else then.. He came when all the flooding was out there. Probably got flooded out of his old place.

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Pat Tillett said...

How darn cute is that squirrel and chimpmonk? VERY cute!