Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 9th-10th-11th Misc. Photos-2011

I'm glad to see the bunny is still around. He's gotten big.

This squirrel was licking the dew off the leaves. I always wonder how they get their water. I do put water out all summer though.

This is another one of the young squirrels. He's a little older than the baby one that was here.

This is the squirrel that had something in his eye this summer. He is blind in that eye now but still getting around good. He's a tough old guy.
I'm not sure if a bug invaded that eye or maybe a branch went into it. At first I thought a Bot Fly had laid an egg in there but I think he just injured it somehow.

The very healthy looking fox pup.

I'm calling her # one.

This is the rat that is living out there now. That's all I need. A bunch of rats. Hope no one ever sees it or I'll be in trouble.

This small plane was going over the same time this squirrel was standing up like that. he stood there for quite a while just like he was listening to the plane. Maybe he thought it was a huge bird. Ha!

A squirrel was building onto that small nest this morning. You can see him lying on a branch nearby. And three Crows flew off after grabbing some nuts. And the other squirrel's nest is huge but I haven't seen any around it.

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