Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 28, 2011-Deer-Blue Jays-Rat-Squirrels-Fox

Mom deer came out with her two young ones this evening. Two of the fox were out there at the same time. See the deer's three butts? Ha!

The deer and the fox

The fox wanted some nuts too and they would get as close as they could to the deer before the Doe stomped her foot and scared them and they'd run back and around the bush. At one moment the Doe actually chased a fox.

Lots of Blue Jays around. They will be here all winter.

Look at that face. I kind of feel sorry for her. She is looking for a better spot to have her babies I think. She's getting fat. She always tries to get down into that grate but she just won't fit. Then she's always sniffing under the siding. I hope to God she never gets up under there and inside this building. I'm waiting for the chipmunks to go to their dens for the winter but since it's still warm enough and no snow they will keep coming for more nuts.

A BlueJay is sitting high in the tree and then flies down. A crow is heading to the roof.

The frosty back hill early in the morning on the 28th. The sun was just coming up through the woods.

This fox was relaxing out there while eating some nuts.

A young squirrel enjoys a nut. And a squirrel's nest in the early morning sun. Not sure if any squirrel is staying in there. I don't think so. it just doesn't look sturdy enough for winter. They have a couple different spots and they sometimes will use these as a resting spot.


rainfield61 said...

What a nice story of the day.

Everybody seems to have their own story.

Out on the prairie said...

Very nice the Jays made me think of being in a tower and watching them fly under me, but over the treetops. They keep the forest always aware of new happenings.I saw a few bluebirds yesterday.

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Great photo's of the Blue Jays - sending you warm wishes for a Happy Halloween ...


Country Mouse Studio said...

Great photo, I didn't think about deer eating nuts or chasing other animals away from them. The Blue Jay photos are great!