Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 20th Thru 22nd-2011-Fox-Hawk-Rat-Vole-Crows

This Sharp-Shinned Hawk was sitting up in this tree and the Crows were having a fit. They were yelling at it and dive bombing it till it finally left.

This rat is not going to leave. It's a female and I think she is going to have babies soon. Just what I need..

This is a little Vole. It was eating the moss that covers the rocks out there. I think Voles are cute.

A flock of Crows flying off towards the West in the evening. They gather up in huge groups way back in the woods and then all leave together for parts unknown. They come back during the day and repeat the same thing every night. They must have a special place where they roost for the night.


Out on the prairie said...

We had a Sharp Shinned fly into our mist net while banding birds once.It was a scare to see who wold release him.Lots of talons

rainfield61 said...

The animals fly, they walk, they are your neighbours.

They are good brothers and sisters.