Friday, October 28, 2011

October 25th-2011-Hawk-Dove-Ladybug-Squirrels

This Sharp Shinned Hawk wasn't having any luck catching anything. The little squirrel was hiding in the bush till he left.

This Mourning Dove was sitting up in the tree and then flew down to the top of the wall. He looked down at the ground for a while before he came all the way down to get some seeds. They get spooked easy so check the territory out good before coming down.

A jet passing by and a squirrel sits on a branch near it's nest.

This was a Ladybug that got inside somehow. I let her back out after I took these photos. Maybe I should have let her stay inside. It's supposed to be good luck I heard..


rainfield61 said...

I have lost my ladybug.

She must have migrated to your place.

Out on the prairie said...

Those could be a few tickson the deer. Females get a little rough with rut if they are in season about this time of year.

Country Mouse Studio said...

I think I've lost my ladybug too :O)
Love the way the dove is peeking down