Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oct. 6th-7th-8th-2011

The early morning sun through the woods and a crow.

The sky in the East And West after sundown.

One of the fox pups

Early morning sun on the 7t

Two of the fox pups came down

Early morning on the 8th. One of the fox pups eating nuts. he's not growling..LOL And a chipmunk looks cautiously in the rock wall for the rat.

A chipmunk sniffs at a dead vole. I think the rat killed this vole. If it had been a skunk or fox it would have been eaten. A fox did eat it later.

Mourning Doves


Gray fox pups

The squirrel's nests and a couple crows flying off after sneaking some of the fox food.

The fox pup. One of them.

The fox in the evening and then going back to the woods. I saw three of the pups out there but two of them took off before I could get any good photos of them. Good to see all three together!

The moon through the trees afterd ark and the sun going down on the 8th.


Out on the prairie said...

Some fun shots indeed. The crows have seen the feeding and are attracted also.

Jean said...

Super collection of nature shots Ginny!!!