Friday, August 5, 2011

Young Woodchuck-August 4, 2011

I finally got some better pictures of this little fella. He's getting used to me now and isn't running away as much. Besides, he loves the nuts too much..Ha!

The squirrels don't mind him as much as they do the bigger ones. There's a slug on his back. It was off later though. Yuck!

It's hard to tell in photos that he's a small one so I made sure some squirrels were near him to get an idea how big he is.


Ratty said...

I knew he would begin to get used to you. The treats always help. I wonder how the squirrels will feel about him once he's a lot bigger than them.

Out on the prairie said...

I almost heard a poem while looking at these.

Ginnymo said...

Yes Ratty, they always want their treats so they have to tolerate me..Ha! The squirrels seem to keep their distance from the big woodchucks.
Let's hear the poem Steve! You always write so nice.

Country Mouse Studio said...

I have so many great photos to catch up on. This guy is so sweet. Hope you've been well.

Ginnymo said...

Hi Country Mouse. Yes. I've been doing pretty well, thank you. Better than I thought I would by now. I'm not going to complain. I am still enjoying all my critters as you can see!! Thanks for stopping by!!