Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Catching Up-Aug. 17th-19th-2011-Fox-bunny-Toad

One of the fox pups. I'm seeing a couple of them once in a while.

This one was all alone. I still have not seen old Granny and her family. The foxes faces don't seem as happy for some reason. So maybe somehting happened to make them sad. Maybe it's just my imagination too.

Not sure if this is the same pup or not.

The bunny was snooping around this day. Glad to see he's still alive and well.

My first toad I've seen since 2008 here. This was a tiny baby toad. When I came home late Sunday night from a family gathering there was a big toad at the front door. I was tempted to bring it in but I didn't. I was too tired to mess with taking photos.


Samantha said...

Once again, I'm just astounded at your wildlife and the photos! thank you so much for sharing them.

Out on the prairie said...

Hope your reunions were fun.

Ginnymo said...

Thank you Samantha.
I had a real nice time for the past two weekends with my family. Thank you Steve.