Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Few Critter Pics-August 16, 2011

One doe was out there. The fawn was out but I did not see it.

My three legged squirrel is doing great!

The doe heading into the woods and a little chipmunk with a big nut he found buried in the ground. Nothing I threw out. They have a butternut tree next door. That's what it might be. You can even see the hole where he got it..

I haven't been taking too many photos lately. Been busy with family stuff. My Granny Fox is still missing. The last day I saw her was July 30th. So I think something bad has happened to her. Makes me sad but I can't dwell on it or it upsets me.


Out on the prairie said...

Two days agoI had a fawn run right in fronnt of me walking up from the beach and thought of you and your critters.

Ratty said...

So many deer out this time of year. They must be on the move right now. I love that chipmunk picture with the big nut.

rainfield61 said...

You see many deer, I see many monkeys.