Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 29, 2010-White Admiral Butterfly-Fox-Coon Video

Thank you Ratty for identifying this Butterfly for me!! Here's a little information about it.

There are several forms of this species, two so distinct that they were treated as separate species for many years. Subspecies arthemis and rubrofasciata

The White Admiral, have a deep purplish-black ground colour on the upperside, with a broad white band crossing both wings. There is a row of spots, blue with often a small amount of red in arthemis , adjacent to the outer margin of the white band on the hindwing.

The underside of both subspecies is pale reddish brown with bright brick-red spots along the outer margin and the near the base; the white bands are repeated on the underside

Habits: Roads and clearings in wooded areas are where this butterfly is most often seen. They like to sun themselves on leaves or on gravel roads, where they periodically open and close their wings. They are rarely seen on flowers, but congregate on rotting fruit and animal dung.

My oldest female Gray Fox. She's a beauty!

Tufted Titmouse, young squirrel and the female coon.

The female Raccoon out before dark. I love watching her.


Pat Tillett said...

wow! when the page first opened and I hadn't yet focused on the screen, I thought the butterfly was a skunk!
nice fox pics....they are so darn cute..

The Retired One said...

Fantastic shots! Loved these!

Tony nile life said...

Nice butterfly shots never seen that species before , so thanks for sharing

Samuel said...

Awesome video!

rainfield61 said...

You have added butterflies into your mini zoo.

Ratty said...

I'm pretty sure that your butterfly is a white admiral. I confirmed it on Google Images. And I love your raccoon video. I like the way she stands up to acknowledge you.

Ginnymo said...

Thanks so much for identifying that Butterfly Ratty!! I read some info on it. Interesting! I will add the info now here.

ShySongbird said...

I am really struggling to keep up with blogging, Ginny, still having intermittent computer problems but just running out of time altogether. There seems so much to do at this time of year especially with all the gardening!

I have really enjoyed looking through all your lovely photos of your many creatures though and the video on this post was really interesting...what a sweetie!

We have a White Admiral here although it looks slightly different to yours, however I am grateful to you because I'm ashamed to say I thought ours was extinct and on checking I find it isn't and can be seen in my area! I have never seen one but thanks to you I will be looking now :)