Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 28th Collages-Fox-Coon-Squirrel-Chipmunk

Here's that little rascal that climbs up on my window every night. This was last night at 1 am! This is the male Raccoon. Number one. I number them in the order I first saw them.

Another one of the Gray Foxes that comes around. He was one of the pups last year.

A BlueJay and Squirrel on top of the rock wall. And you can see the coon and the fox way up in back, looking down the alley. She stays away from the coon. And the juvenile Mourning Dove with it's mom.

The first young Chipmunk I've seen this year. I'm surprised it is still living. The way they hop around all over the place it's easy for the fox to get them, or the cats.

The female Raccoon yesterday morning. I love how they stand right up and how they hold their little hands.


Pat Tillett said...

he's a bold one. I just love racoons... Their faces are so darn cute.

rainfield61 said...

They stand right up, hold their little hands and tell you happy weekend.

The Retired One said...

Love, love, LOVE that header picture of the fox...stunning!!!!!