Friday, May 14, 2010

May 13, 2010 Collages

The foxes sure are coming down a lot during the day now. That means the pups are getting bigger and the parents are trying to keep them all happy. Last year I didn't see the pups till July 4th but I think I will be seeing them earlier this year. At least I hope so.
I tried to get some pictures of the Goldfinch out front of the building but the building is so bright that it ruins the photos. I didn't feel well enough today to go out there again. Saw some Turkey hawks flying around but couldn't get any good shots of them.
Got the Crow up in the tree and also saw a Robin on the neighbor's lawn.


The Retired One said...

When I looked at that first shot of the gray fox I thought it was a bobcat...
fabulous photos, as usual!

Ratty said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the way your squirrels lay there with their back legs spread out like that.