Sunday, January 8, 2012

Photos From January 6, 2012-Cold Squirrels-Birds


It was a very cold day. Only 9 degrees in the morning and it got up to about 17 during the day.

I always feel sorry for these guys when it's so cold. Especially my little one with hardly any fur in the other picture. But it's warming up again so they will be okay for a while.


rainfield61 said...

Have a good day, though only 9 degrees.

Ratty said...

I always love seeing the pictures of those squirrels of yours in the snow. They always look so happy to see your camera.

Out on the prairie said...

Like seeing the junco, a good sighting this week for me.

wildaboutwales said...

I always thought squirrels hibernated in the cold months. I can understand squirrels being out here in Wales as we are having a very mild winter. i had some real close up yesterday with no cutting, love those Junko's.12 species of birds in my garden over the past 2 days, plus a squirrel
birds are on
I hope you are keeping warm,