Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 18, 2012-A Red Squirrel Appeared!-And Birds

When I went to feed the birds and squirrels at 7:30 am. I saw this red squirrel but he ran away and I couldn't find him. But later at noon he came back and I got these pictures. I was really excited to see him because it's been over four years since I'd seen one. I have no idea what brought him here but we had very high winds all night and I'm thinking maybe he got displaced from his home. I'm just happy to know that there still are some red squirrels in the area.

He seemed very interested in me and would come out and sit there like that. It was still windy and the temps had dropped from 33 in the morning to 19 by afternoon. I hope he has a warm place to go to.

The Blue Jays were getting blown a bit but there were lots of them coming for food.

My one pair of cardinals. I only see these two so far.

There are a few White Throat Sparrows around and of course the House Sparrows are all over the place. That's a pair in the top right corner.

Got to love this little Tufted Titmous. So cute. It's so hard to catch a picture of them. They come and go so fast, for safety's sake.

The wind was blowing his feathers some.


Country Mouse Studio said...

Those red squirrels are noisy and feisty but so cute. I can hardly believe the huge eye on that Tufted Titmouse and I love the blown feathers on the Blue Jay. Great shots and I know how hard they are to get.

rainfield61 said...

Four years is far too long,but it is so good to meet an old friend since then.

Ratty said...

I knew you would see some red squirrels again.

ShySongbird said...

Hi Ginny, it's good to be back :-) how lovely to be visited by the Red Squirrel, he's very handsome!

You get so many different types of birds and all so beautiful, lovely photos!!!

Ginnymo said...

So nice to have you back Jan!! I checked your post and left a comment.