Friday, January 20, 2012

Photos From January 19, 2012-Cold And Frosty

A very frosty morning. It was 7 degrees on this morning. A squirrel sits by his nest, not sure if he wants to come down. It was 7:30 am.

The back woods with frost all over the trees. You can see a Bluejay taking off and a squirrel sits on the tree branch trying to stay warm.

The sun is coming up and shines on the frosty trees as the squirrel sits there not wanting to move much.


Later the frost left and it got a bit warmer. Into the low 20's for the rest of the day. A female cardinal and a black capped chickadee sits in the bushes.

The house sparrows are cute at times. can't beleive how these little guys make it through the cold winter. We've had a pretty mild winter up till now.

This is "Red Eye" looks like a blood vessel has broke inside his eyeball.

The males are chasing the females all over the place now.

This thin haired squirrel is still around and doing okay but I worry about her. She's so thin. I hope those males don't bother her.

The little red squirrel came again so naturally I had to take too many pics..ha!

I think it is living in back in the pine tree for now. That's where it ran to today. Maybe I'll see young ones this spring.


Ratty said...

That little red squirrel must have read your thoughts that you haven't seen any in awhile.

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

GINNY - here is another fun photo software program you may want to check out ...

Keep Warm!

Out on the prairie said...

A very nice selection to share today.

Ginnymo said...

I love the red squirrel Ratty. It's so cute to watch.
Thanks Katie. I will look into that software. Have you ever tried Loonapix?? They have some good stuff too.
Thanks Steve!