Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 4, 2012-Birds And Squirrels

Lots of little Juncos around.

House Sparrows. The large photo is the female.

A squirrel eating a nut.

Lots of Blue Jays around also. They are out there at daylight, waiting for some food.

I finally saw these cardinals for the first time in months. Just one pair out there right now. I hope the hawk never gets them. That hawk is flying down every day, especially if it's cloudy or snowing.

The female is hiding in the bushes while the male comes out to get some food.

They are especially beautiful in the winter against the snow. We don't have much snow yet. Only snowed an inch on the 3rd.

There are a few Black Capped Chickadees around. They are so cute. I have some Tufted Tits around but haven't caught any good shots of them yet. They are so fast.

And this is the ragged little squirrel that I worry about. But he seems to be doing okay, despite the zero degree weather we had.


Out on the prairie said...

Nice selection today. I am seeing the cardinals but still deep in the woods.

rainfield61 said...

All these critters are still active in the winter.

Ratty said...

Lots of nice birds are there now. I hope this means some more birds will come to my area now.

Antonio Puigg said...

Muy buena esta secuencia fotografica de diferentes especies de aves.Un saludo

Country Mouse Studio said...

Wonderful selection of critter photos