Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 3, 2012-Birds On A Very Cold Day

It was very cold and blustery all day. I felt sorry for the critters. But they always seem to get through it. We only got about an inch of snow overnight. But all day it was very windy, as you can see by the photo below. That poor Blue jay was trying to hide in the bush.

It was about 15 degrees all day. The House Sparrows and Juncos were abundant though.

And of course I had to get another shot of the moon. In the top photo it's blurry but I was trying to get that bright star that sits below and to the right of it.
It was going down to zero and it was very cold when I opened the window to take this. I stuck my hand out just for a second to take the pictures. Brrrr!


rainfield61 said...

Zero degree.

Too cold for me.

Out on the prairie said...

It was 50 here.I have walked at least 10 miles in the last 2 days enjoying the warm still.

Ginnymo said...

It's getting warmer over the next few days though. It was 20 today. And sunny!

Ratty said...

Here in Iowa it's been very warm still, but that will be changing soon. I'm glad you are getting pictures of the birds, even though they're probably very cold. The birds all fly away when I go out because I have the dog with me.