Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1, 2011-The Deer Family

I was happy to see the Doe with her Fawns again today. There is another young Doe traveling with her. Looks like it might have been born last year. It's so thin. I don't think one of these fawns is hers. I love watching the interaction between this fawn and it's mom.

This fawn seems to hang around closer to it's mom. The other one is always doing it's own thing and is the last to leave when they are out there. It's more independant.

The mom is licking the fawn and cleaning it here. Lots of flies get on them.

The Doe wants to come back over by the rock wall. She was there at first and one of the fox pups was there also and he ran and let the deer eat some nuts. That part is on video that I have yet to upload to Youtube. They all seem to be watching something over this way.

This was funny. She had to go.

When she was done she wandered back over to the top of the rock wall for a while. The other two followed but didn't quite come that far.

The fawn and the other yearling wandered closer but then turned back. The yearling is trying to get the flies off her back. She looks like she doesn't have much hair on her. Sure hope she gets a winter coat before it gets too cold in a couple of months.


Samantha said...

Gorgeous series..and I laughed out loud at the potty shot ;)

Out on the prairie said...

Very nice, I enjoy watching them mingle.

Jean said...

Ginny, These photos are super! I have never seen a Deer go.:)

Ginnymo said...

Jean. I don't often see one going like that. I have seen it about three times in all the 15 years I've been here. I always laugh too Samantha..Then she shakes her tail a few times when she's done..LOL
Thank Steve. I do love watching them.