Monday, September 12, 2011

Catching Up On The Critters-Sept.3rd-10th-2011

This poor young Blue Jay was sitting all puffed up early in the morning. I knew it was sick or something. By afternoon it was dead and lying on the ground outside my window. It had been flying down a bit but I could tell that it was struggling. I'm glad it didn't have to suffer any longer. That night the skunks cleaned it up and by the next morning there wasn't even one feather out there. Weird. Nature has a way of taking care of things.

One of the many young chipmunks. There are quite a few new young ones around. The second litter of the summer.

The chipmunk family all hanging around at the end of the rock wall.

This little woodchuck was all wet after our storm on the 7th. This whole area got drenched and many roads closed and even all the schools closed. That's a first. We didn't get it as bad as down in the Binghamton area. They were flooded through the whole town and the water was real deep.
There wasa picture of a woodchuck holding on to the steel fence that runs along a highway. I felt so bad for it. I hate to think of how many animals drowned through that.

One of the younger skunks was out after the rain. I don't see many of them now, which is a good thing. Maybe it won't be smelling so bad around here.. Although I haven't been smelling any in a while.

This fox looks so thin. I worry about her. My granny never came back so I'm sure she has passed on to that other world.

This young woodchuck comes around almost every day and is very friendly. I don't see the big fat ones any more.

One of the fox pups. I don't see much of them any more either. Two of the pups come around almost every day. I don't see their parents much.
We had that terrible storm here and it knocked a lot of trees down all around here. One of the tall Pine trees in the neighbor's yard has been hit by lightening and the whole top is gone.. All that's left is a very tall trunk.


Out on the prairie said...

A few changes going on, that woodchuck is a fat little butterball.

Samantha said...

Our resident groundhog is a porker!

LOVE seeing the foxes..I'm amazed.

Country Mouse Studio said...

Thank goodness we haven't had a storm like that yet, just lots of heat. Poor little jay. I had no idea skunks did that.

rainfield61 said...

Nature has a way of taking care of things.

And we have to understand and accept this.

Pat Tillett said...

Nature has it's own way of dealing with things. There was an article in National Geographic a fews months ago that said there will soon be "tamed" foxes available for pets. Apparently they have bred the wild out of them and they make great pets. The article said they were smarter than dogs and very friendly. I don't know if it's going to happen or not, but I'm not sure we should be doing that.