Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 21, 2011-The Deer And Fox

The Doe and one fawn was over in the neighbor's yard. They were looking towards the bird feeder area but didn't go that far. The deer all go to a bird feeder over to the right during the winter.

Here comes mom!

This Gray Fox pup was out there with them.

Mom and the two young ones.

The fox wandering around. In the header photo you can see one of the fawns looking at the fox. Every time the fox would come too close the fawn would stomp it's foot and the fox would back off a bit. But they are always out there together every year and tolerate each other. One year a fawn wanted to play with the fox pups. It was so cute.

The fawns have just about lost all their spots now.

You can see a few spots on his hind quarters yet.


rainfield61 said...

The deer and the fox, they live side by side peacefully.

Out on the prairie said...

traces of some spots still

Country Mouse Studio said...

I see the spots I wonder how long they stay? You must go through a lot of bird food.

Jean said...

I love the photo of the fox yawning or talking.:)