Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 19th, 2011 Fox-Squirrel-Nuthatch-Chipmunks

This fox pup came down close. First time I've seen one down close in a long time.

It looks healthy. Got a few spots on it from the thistles being stuck to it's fur. I still don't see it's parents any more.

This poor squirrel is infested by a Bot Fly. The flies leave their eggs under the skin. It turns into larvae then when it's ready to hatch out into a fly it comes out and the wound will heal. Sometimes the squirrels will die if it's in a bad spot or has a lot of them embedded under their skin. This squirrel will be okay I think. You can see he's really been digging at it.

I haven't seen a Nuthatch in along time. Nice to see one again.

Young chipmunks.


rainfield61 said...

This is my first time to see a Nuthatch too.

Samantha said...

Bot flies are horrible, aren't they!?

Still enjoying the fox photos so very much!

Out on the prairie said...

Never seen the bot fly, I would hate to have one.

Country Mouse Studio said...

well, I've learned something again, I had no idea Bot flies went after squirrels too