Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Critter Photos From Last of April-2012

 Squirrel's nests. I'm watching them but never see anything going on. I don't think they are being used now.
 White Throat Sparrow
 Northern Flicker. he was so far away that I didn't get very clear photos but you can at least see what it is. I love hearing them call to each other. I usually hear them but never see them.
 Gray squirrel up high on a branch and a red one down below on another tree.
 Red Squirrel in the late day sun.

 Dove on a branch and the apple tree off in a distance. I took a picture of an old tree trunk back in the woods because I thought maybe there might be squirrels in that hole. But nothing is around it.
 The moon on the 29th of April. I took this from inside the window. I was surprised it came out so good.
 Female Cardinal
 A Grackle taking off and then sitting on the wall with a nut in it's mouth. And a few Starlings coming in for a landing with a chipmunk watching.
 House Sparrow and a BlueJay.
 You can see that this mommy squirrel is sill nursing her young. It won't be long before I'll be seeing them.
A male squirrel. He's not very old. He's cute.


Out on the prairie said...

Great shots today.I took advantage of the nice weather and shot way too many this month to even post.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos as always Ginny. You did do very well with the Moon through the window! My favourite though is the pretty little White-throated Sparrow. It does look like you will have some more young Squirrels to entertain you soon :-)

I loved the photo of the male Northern Cardinal on the barbed wire in the previous post too.

rainfield61 said...

The white throated sparrow does have a beautiful yellow patch on its head.